Grem's Guide Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Do I need a fishing license? Yes, for all fisherman 17 and over as well as freshwater or saltwater endorsement depending what kind of trip you are booking. 16 and under do not need a license.  Review Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor annual.
  2. What do I need for duck hunting? You will need a hunting license, hunters education, HIP certified, state migratory game bird endorsement, and federal duck stamp.  Review Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor annual.
  3. Should I bring a cooler? You do not need one on the boat as we have a large cooler to store your food/preferred beverage as well as separate fish box. We do recommend you bring a cooler to keep in your car as this will assist you in taking any fish home. There is room for one additional soft sided cooler which may be brought onboard.
  4. Where do I meet up with you? We will communicate in advance of which boat ramp to meet.
  5. Do I need to bring fishing gear?  All gear, bait, and tackle is provided.  If you prefer to bring along your lucky rod and reel then you are more than welcome to do so. Wading belts provided are minimal. Wading belts are generally very personal so feel free to bring your own as you wish.
  6. Do I need to bring a Life Preserver? A Coast Guard Approved Type 1 Personal Flotation Device is provided. However, these PFD’s are very cumbersome to wear for any length of time, and are designed for maximum safety for a boating emergency.  Therefore, if you wish to bring along a fitted personal flotation vest because you plan on wearing the vest the entire time we encourage you do so.  You may wear any PFD Type 1,2,3 or 5. Again, Type 1 PFD’s are designed for an emergency and are not comfortable for wearing full time while on the boat.
  7. A person in our group weighs less than 90 lbs, is a PFD provided for them? Yes. A type 1 will be provided, however, once again, if you have a fitted vest which you wish to wear at all times while on-board please bring it as it will be more comfortable than the Type 1 PFD. Let us know how many under 90 pounds will be on board, and we can happily provide them with a more comfortable Type 2 PFD.
  8. What age does Texas require that a PFD be worn? Texas requires children 13 years and under to wear a flotation device at all times the vessel is under way.
  9. What is your cancellation Policy? Please visit our cancellation policy on the menu of the web site
  10. Do you require a deposit for any trip? Yes. 50% is required up front and the remainder due the day of your trip.  Please visit our cancellation policy on the website.
  11. Why do I need to call to reserve a date? We want to ensure you have the most enjoyable trip possible and customize the trip for your wishes.
  12. How do I pay for the balance of my trip? You can pay cash or check to fulfill the total balance of the charter on the day of your trip.
  13. What is a typical tip for these trips? 15% is customary in any service industry. Tips are greatly appreciated as a show of a job well done.
  14. What about the tip for a deck hand? If the Captain has need for a deck hand to assist for the day, the deck hand works for their tips only. Most trips do not have need for a deckhand unless specified in advance of the trip or specifically requested by you.
  15. What areas do you fish? We have vast experience as well as network with fisherman statewide to fish in the Texas nearshore bays from Sabine to South Bay.  With homes in Clear Lake and Rockport, our main ports are near Galveston, Texas City, Freeport, Sargent, Port O Conner, Rockport, and Aransas Pass.  Inshore water body experience for bass and bream include Lake Houston, Sheldon Reservoir, Clear Creek, Halls Bayou, Lake Conroe, Gibbons Creek, Fayette County, Lake Livingston, Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, Coleto Creek, to name a few.  Let Captain Grem know where you are interested in fishing, and he can work with you.
  16. Do you allow alcohol on board? Yes. NO glass containers. But if anyone gets beligerant, the trip is over immediately. 5-6 beers max per customer. The Captain does not drink on the job so no need to pack extra.
  17. Can we smoke?  It is your trip! 🙂 Enjoy your hard earned day out. Please do not light the vessel on fire.  If the Captain sees anything illegal on board, he will boat over to the nearest shallow water. You will get out of the vessel and we will call the Coast Guard to rescue you. Do not bring anything illegal on board.
  18. Do you fish for fun, for trophy fish, or tournament style? The trip will be customized to what you want. Some want to fish for fun or learn a technique or how to target a species. Some want a personal best trophy. I strongly recommend taking pictures and measurements and releasing the catch. The big ones are NOT good to eat. Fiberglass reproductions or aluminum trophy cutouts make much better and longer lasting mounts than skin mounts. Tournament fishing can be hardcore highly competitive and intense for the goal to win. Lets communicate in advance to manage all the expectations for the most enjoyable trip for your group.