Grem's Guide Service

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Life can be hectic and take some unexpected turns. This is understandable and we have the following deposit and cancellation policy to assist you and allow for rescheduling should you have a need to cancel.


50% deposit is required to book any charter/excursion. At the boat you can pay the remainder of your balance with either cash or check.


If you need to cancel you will have up to 7 days prior to trip start date to do so in order to receive a full refund on your deposit. Inside of  7 days no refund on the deposit will be made.


Please look at your weather app when booking or either approaching the 7 day point.

Prior to departing the dock should the Captain decide sea state conditions are too dangerous or “unfriendly” for the event scheduled, we will offer you the option of rescheduling or a complete refund for the money you have already paid.  Additionally, if the sea state conditions are good enough to fish in the inter-coastal or bay we will offer you that option. Captain Grem has access to buoy readings, maritime forecasts, great experience in these waters, and knows the evening prior as to whether an inter-coastal/bay charters can occur.  We will keep you informed by phone if the Captain deems it necessary to either cancel completely or modify the trip due to forecast weather conditions.

If already on the water and the Captain deems it necessary to RETURN TO PORT due to safety concerns (customer having continual severe to moderate motion sickness, or an Act of God (i.e. rapidly worsening sea state conditions or weather ), no refund will be made; however, a discount will be offered if you wish to book in the future.

Catching no fish or catching fish which are “not keepers” does not constitute a refund.